Ho ho ho…oh god there’s so much to doooo!

Amidst family arrivals and festive prep we had a pretty good start to the week leading up to Christmas. We got really stuck in to cleaning the cellar, giving a good deep (careful) scrub to the chiller, pre-mix stand & other surfaces as well as sweeping, then hoovering (thank goodness for Henry!) then mopping with a heavy bleach solution the floor. A few roofers came by to give us a quote on fixing the lean-to roof tiles and resulting devastation which was another win because we discovered it was going to be a lot cheaper than expected and the outfit we chose has availability in January. Emma began attacking the wallpaper in the front bar and Michael put down the first layer of paint on the cellar floor. We felt like champions.

Of course that was way too much success and karma came a knocking – Emma came down with a violent stomach bug that pretty much wiped her out for Christmas. Michael met with the plumber who was meant to come in and service the boiler & turn it on but instead discovered that the plumbing wasn’t flushed properly when the boiler was installed and so the whole thing was backed up with muck! So leading in to Christmas we had one team member down, out & feeling very sorry for herself and the plumbing in need of even more work than anticipated.

We did manage to enjoy ourselves over Christmas, Michael is now the proud owner of a pair of Mikkeller socks and Emma gladly spent most of the week under her new wool blanket chewing on mints and sipping lemonade. Now we’re back at work and the cellar is looking amazing! We’ll post a picture soon but want to wait until it’s done. With a shiny new grey floor and sparkling white walls thanks to the specialist breathable cellar wall paint it looks like a brand new room, one you would want to store beer in!

The pub walls are looking bare and the floor is covered in what Emma has coined ‘wallpaper crumbs’ but we’re definitely feeling the progress. January is going to be a big month with the serious work starting so anything we can get done now is going to help us along.