Beer is our primary focus. We’ve spent a long time drinking craft beer, making beer, talking about beer – we love it! We get excited about the diverse range of styles and flavours you can discover in the world of beer and are trying our best to bring that to the people who visit our pub. Our goal is to serve only excellent, independently produced craft and small batch beers covering a wide range of styles so you should always be able to find something you like. We operate on a high rotational basis, this means we tend to get 1-2 kegs in of each beer and then once it’s done we put something else on. This means the beers are changing constantly and are nice and fresh!

But don’t be put off if you don’t love beer too. We love proper, hand made Cider that isn’t full of sugar and additives. We get excited about a well made Gin and Tonic made with high quality ingredients and presented in a big attractive glass with loads of ice. We have a weakness for single malt whiskies and the waft of vanilla from a bourbon. We often enjoy a cheeky Somerset Cider Brandy at the end of a long night. A crisp white wine or a gutsy red have places in our hearts. And we love interesting soft and low/no alcohol drinks too, because sometimes you don’t feel like booze or you’re driving or expecting – why should you miss out on an enjoyable drink just because you’re skipping the alcohol?

As a small, independent business it’s our aim to support as many other small, independent businesses out there. That’s why you won’t see the big name beers, spirits and soft drinks on offer in our pub. But we’ve worked hard and researched a lot to make sure that you get the same quality, if not better, and variety too.

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