When we were decorating our newly renovated pub in early 2016 we decided to keep as much wall space as blank as possible to keep the space as “curatable” (is that a real word?)

Soon enough, people were asking if they could display their art on those walls!

First, we were lucky enough to have a small exhibit of works by award winning Australian Deaf Artist Chelle Destefano whose whimsical images of VW Beetles, angels and abandoned places enchanted us. Followed by a visually striking and evocative exhibition by the late Phil Kelly, carefully curated by his lifelong friend and Chapter One regular Richard Selby.

In January 2018 we now welcome the gorgeous botanical artworks of Christine Lawes. Christine taught art, design and textiles in colleges and schools for 30 years but now she exhibits her artwork in galleries in Bath and has produced a popular range of cards. More of her work can be found on her Instagram.

Christine Lawes Artwork