The Hard Work Begins – Day 1 of Renovations

So to say that we walked into a bit of a mess is an understatement! I’m not going to enter into any judgement or guesswork as to how a place ended up in this state but I have to admit to a few ‘eww!’ moments over our first couple of days. BUT our enthusiasm wasn’t going to be dampened by food that had been sitting in a shut off freezer for 6 months or beer left to sit in the lines, we had a pub to clean then revamp!

Day 1, thanks to some help from Michael’s parents, we cleared out the bar area of empty bottles, rubbish and some 200+ pieces of branded glassware. Michael eagerly got stuck into the cellar, moving much of the clutter out and then clearing and cleaning the lines. We emptied the pool room/snug and started moving pieces of furniture, shelves (that we took down from the bar) and other pieces that may be repurposed later out of the main area.

Despite the mess, the potential for turning this into a great space for our customers is immediately evident. There is great light to the place throughout the day, the floors are in pretty good nick, with a new bar, paint job, furniture & decor it’ll be brilliant!

At this stage, decluttering was the name of the game. Next step – hygiene!