Oh what a difference a week makes!

It’s hard to put into words quite how joyful it is to see plasterboard go up onto ceilings and walls! We spent weeks removing unfit plasterboard, tiles, wiring and flooring. Now our amazing team is working hard to put the right things back in their place.

Watching Tom and Ryan installing the plasterboard to the ceilings and walls is impressive! They used fireproof boards for the ceiling to keep us safe from fires. The green waterproof boards help us manage damp issues. We had a brief supporting appearance by plasterer Barry who will re-appear next month. Also, they’ve been laying the batons for the wall area behind where the bar is going to go. Tom has been in a creative whirl designing the bar and we are frothing over with excitement to see how it turns out!

Tony the plumber came in last week and tore out most of the plumbing. He turned off all but one of our taps so we could continue renovations. He’s back with us next week and we’re hoping to get a working toilet upstairs in the flat – oh the luxury! Richard the electrician has been walking around with a look of horror on his face at how bad the electrics are. He wasted no time ripping it all out and installing new circuits that are to code. He’s estimated to have run about a kilometre of wiring so far. That’s 0.621371 miles to you Imperial nuts out there!

While staying out of the way of this progress is a priority for us, we have been busy in a supporting role with plenty of admin!

We’ve been meeting more locals & neighbours and while we had the front doors open the other day filling our third (!!) skip a gentleman dropped in to say hi and to let us know he drank here when he was 15 and it was locally known as ‘The Brit’ some 60 or so years prior! We’re not sure if legal drinking age limits were in effect but we’re sure there was a tasty soft drink offering back then too (ahem!)

Our local MP, Ben Howlett, has been in touch on some queries we had about legislation and taxing of pubs. We’re looking forward to having a pint with him soon!

The next couple of weeks are going to be less hectic as Tom & Ryan have other jobs to attend to, but electrical and plumbing work will continue. Meanwhile, we have yards of admin to sweat and get to answer the age old question “Can bathroom tiles be accounted for as Plant & Machinery?” – thrilling eh?