Destructo Week 2 – Renovators Doldrums

Last week sucked. We got a full blown case of the ‘oh god this is never going to end’ project fatigue where everywhere you look is another mouldy wall or leaky window or gross toilet tile. The space hit its low point – all the nasty walls were exposed, there was a funky smell from the badly managed walls, we discovered the wiring is borderline dangerous and needs to be completely replaced, it’s going to take 8 weeks to get permission to change the paint on front of the building from hideous custard yellow to a more Bath appropriate colour scheme, everything is covered in dust…the list goes on. We also still had so many unknowns – we’re working a fixed budget but we’re adding line items daily due to unexpected discoveries. In short, it all felt pretty overwhelming and we spent most of the week wondering if we’re ever going to manage to return this place to its former glory.

And then the first panels went back up and it was glorious. The wet mouldy walls got their proper treatment and the plasterboard that is being replaced is the right type for the environment. The electrician started straight away and while we’re now running off a couple of power points across the entire building we know we’re not going to get a nasty surprise down the line and have to undo all our hard work to get it fixed. The original slate floor is actually in quite good condition, it just needs a clean and repaint of the same colour. We’ve stripped back and done things from scratch properly, no corners are being cut. The internal colour scheme has pretty much been finalised and amidst the bad news we became quite inspired and came up with a few fantastic ideas for the final look and feel of the place. Our team is amazing, hard working and seriously talented. Despite the doldrums, we are on top of everything and any bad news is coming well ahead of deadlines. The jigsaw pieces are falling into place!

We were also the guests of two very generous breweries – firstly we got to visit Moor Beer to taste some of their fine brews, tour the brewery itself and  got to have great chats with both new and familiar faces (thanks yet again to Independent Spirit of Bath for facilitating!) Then on Friday we wandered down to the Electric Bear taproom to meet the team properly and have a few beers. Chatting to people about what we’re working towards definitely helps put the doldrums into perspective, especially when everyone else has their own horror stories to share!

This coming few weeks is when everything starts coming back together. We’re being joined by more talented people (including our favouritest plumber in the whole wide world) and the work ethic is as strong as ever. Bring it on!!