Destructo Week 1 – a review

TGIF! We’re exhausted! And dusty! And kind of smelly! And a little bit sore…

But man we made some progress this week! Triple Threat Tom really amped things up and took to everything that shouldn’t be there with glee (whilst singing ‘mmmbop’ by Hanson…repeatedly!) Michael and I spent most of the week running around after him with rubble bags, brooms and shovels picking it all up and throwing everything onto the Big Rubbish Pile of Doom that is growing where the stage once was – all to be chucked into the skip that arrives for a few hours on Monday.

We had a bit of a disappointment when we discovered we weren’t able to remove the doorway and wall that leads from the bar towards the toilets & the rear of the building. The doorway is very low requiring anyone over 6ft to duck or risk serious brain damage and we liked the idea of opening the space up a bit. Unfortunately the wall and doorway are part of the original structure of the building so we can’t really mess with it. People were shorter back in 1796!

Disappointment gave way to glee when Michael & Tom discovered a hidden window in the bar. Okay so we would have known about it if we’d just compared the outside of the building to the inside and did some basic math, but it was dodgily boarded up internally and once opened up a bunch more light streamed into the room. Which was handy because most of the light bulbs in the bar have now been removed due to our demolition efforts. Meanwhile, Emma discovered original building plans from 1937 at the Bath Archives office which showed in exquisite detail the changes they made such as bringing the toilets indoors (including providing a ladies’ loo – how forward thinking), adding a street exit to the flat, a kitchen upstairs and a host of other amazing fine details. We now have the plans up on the wall in our break room (one of the bedrooms upstairs where it’s not dusty) to keep us inspired!

The roofers came and joined us this week too, to repair the roof in the skittle alley that has suffered somewhat from slipped tiles and rain damage. That’s now all fixed up and dry which is a relief! The roof tiles are listed and they were able to re-use the existing ones but fitted them more securely with new protective felt underneath. We couldn’t believe the speed at which they worked! They couldn’t believe how bad our singing efforts were! It was a good day…

The tiles on the bathroom, aside from being “pink for girls and green for boys” are all falling off and mouldy underneath. That’s going to take some time to repir but fortunately we have some tilers coming in over the next few working days to quote us on replacing those tiles.

Injury count: Emma fell over whilst pulling a wheelbarrow backwards up a couple of stairs, pride injured only; Michael stabbed himself in the finger and shut his thumb in the door, however reports that all digits are intact and functional; Tom’s computer nearly flew across the room due to a now non-existent network of extension cables got caught up in a hoovering incident but has recovered from the ordeal. He would like to point out that being the professional onsite, he does not injure himself 😉

We’re downing tools shortly to enjoy our first beer on the premises, purchased from the lovely guys at Independent Spirit of Bath, to celebrate the fact that we survived the week and to toast the fantastic work that we’ve done!