Demolition Day!

Phew we had a productive day! Yesterday we were joined by the mighty Tom Bayliss who is our favourite type of triple threat – talented carpenter, accomplished artist and beer aficionado. Yesterday was mostly planning, and poking holes in a few bits of wall and tapping at a few tiles (that fell off)…all of which informed our next steps and how the place was going to shape up. Today was all about destruction – we have to clear the place before we can start building.

First was clear out time, we moved a bunch of the shelves that lived under the bar and inside the fireplace behind the it. Okay, so when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘Tom’ while we met with the lovely Stewart from Nectar Drinks who we look forward to working with in the near future.  Then came time to pick up the big bad toys and start bashing, the side then the top of the bar came off, then the front and the bricks that lay underneath. In the process we discovered about £8.40 in mouldy change, a frisbee, some very sad looking beer mats, broken glass, two spiders, a slug and yet another two pint glasses. We did a lot of shifting of bricks, wood and mortar, sweeping, hoovering (thank goodness for Henry), ripping up carpet and lifting up the strange stuff that was on the floor behind the bar. I don’t think the blurry photos really do any justice to the amazing transformation of the space!

I popped in next door to the Dorothy House charity shop to say hi to the lovely people in there and to offer them a few bits of furniture that had been left behind. I ended up being joined by a few eager volunteers who were as keen to see our progress as to check out the gear, unfortunately the chairs we had to offer didn’t have fire labels but we were able to donate one piece that hopefully earns them a few quid! It was lovely to chat to the Dorothy House folks and we look forward to having a few beers with them soon.

We’re generating a lot of rubbish in addition to the rather large amounts of crap left behind by the previous owners, so we have a skip coming for a few hours soon so we don’t drown in the stuff!

Tomorrow we’re back for more destructo fun as well as hopefully scheduling in some time with plumbers and roofers for some urgent behind the scenes work.