A few more days in…

Slowly but surely we’re filling garbage bags, emptying cupboards, cleaning surfaces, sorting, hoovering and generally regaining control over the space. We’ve also met with Tom who will be leading the charge on our fitout (more on this later), a lovely guy from the licensing office who came to meet with us when we rang to find out if there had been previous issues, a brewery rep and my Father in Law has chatted with a number of our neighbours who we hope to get to know in due course.

At the moment we’re focussing on the basic logistics of getting power & water sorted, plumbers in to look at our boiler, oh and…fixing the roof! We knew that there were some tiles loose on one of the four (!) roofs on the property but we didn’t realise how much damage this had caused in the back area leading to the skittle alley so that has become a higher priority.

The cellar is gradually less gross, but the plan is to empty everything out, scrub it down and repaint with special paint designed for cellars.